When you use the IP PrintWay component of Infoprint Server to print the jobs that Infoprint XT generates, you create a second printer definition, in addition to the. The following information applies only to IP PrintWay™ basic mode. IP PrintWay extended mode does not use the same transmission queue as IP PrintWay. Before you use IP PrintWay™ to send print output to remote printers and email destinations, you must create printer definitions. Typically, you create one printer .

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Basic mode Keeps the acquired data set.

Customizing IP PrintWay

If none is specified, the default value is the fully qualified data set name. Specifying allocation parameters for IP PrintWay. If you want to send multiple output data sets in the same job step in the same email, specify the TITLE parameter with the same value for all output data sets.

If an attribute value contains blanks, lowercase letters, or special characters, enclose that attribute value in double quotation marks. Figure 1 shows the steps that occur from the time IP PrintWay selects output data sets from the JES spool until it transmits them to the printer or email destination and then deletes them from the JES spool.

Pirntway PrintWay extended mode also uses the new attributes the next time it tries printing a data set that failed to print.


However, the hierarchy for selecting an FCB name is not clear. You see the LPR Protocol panel.

Watson Product Search Search. If the resubmit for filtering function IP Prinwtay basic mode is used, the default value is the fully qualified data set name to enable the resubmitted and original data sets to be correlated. IP PrintWay sends the email to the email recipients specified in the printer definition.

Writing IP PrintWay exit and filter programs

Encrypting data ensures the confidentiality of the data that you send to the printer. Sending commands to the printer. Each output data set is sent as an email attachment.

If none is specified, JES determines the default node.


Use the same method to identify the host system, either the host name or the IP address, in all references to the host system. IP PrintWay system diagram. It can send the output as an email attachment or include text and line data inline in the body of the email.

These examples both specify that IP PrintWay retransmits one time immediately, and then waits 1 minute between subsequent retransmissions: IP PrintWay determines the default printing options: This can prevent duplicate pages. Mode field, enter 4 for Remote PSF.

To transform data from one format to another. If so, you might be able to create one printer definition for a group of printers that share attributes, and another printer definition for all email destinations. IP PrintWay retains this order even if the transmission of the data sets must be tried again.


Handling unsuccessful data transmissions. For information about how to write filter programs, see Writing a filter program.

Customizing IP PrintWay

Selecting the direct sockets protocol. The administrator can use IP PrintWay extended mode to define a backup printer in case the retransmissions fail because the IP PrintWay printer is broken or offline. Infoprint Central can display additional status, such as whether the print jobs are completed successfully, were retained because of failed transmission to LAN printers, or were deleted before printing.

IP PrintWay ignores other options that are specified in these components and instead uses the options that are specified in the printer definition.

You can also write filter programs to provide your own data stream transforms. To change default configuration options.

Printer commands can be used to change fonts or switch between simplex and pi printing. If any entries do remain, delete the entries or reallocate the data set before you restart IP PrintWay.