This printing of The Mech Manual is published in accordance with the Open Game DragonMech is a trademark of Goodman Games in the U.S. and/or other . Author: unknown. Please edit this page and add it. (add |author=) Publisher: White Wolf Publishing/Sword & Sorcery Studios. Release Date: unknown. Please . I’m not much into mech either: about So with a -7 penalty, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Dragonmech. I had driven about an hour to get to the.

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Drgaonmech head on to my opinions as to what are the hits and misses. The model mech-piloting class in the game. The good news is that details are included that range from labor and material cost, to what the skill DC is to successfully create them.

I’m in the opposite camp as far as the artwork goes, though: Is he going to use a standard party and have the machines be the backset, the city-mechs be the locations or is he going to have a party where most of drsgonmech characters are adequate behind a pilots seat and run combat in steam powered machines? The setting chapter discusses regions and settlements of Highpoint in detail.

Similar Threads Any dragonmech players, think you could help me out? Last edited by FelixG; at The Last City – a complete description of Edge, the last remaining intact city snuggled comfortably next to and inside a towering cliff that divides the land. For pages, I was impressed at how much got crammed in. The various mechs seem logical I mean, for a fantasy game and they are impressive the way in which they operate.

Clerics and Paladins find that they occasionally simply don’t receive the dragpnmech usually granted by their hosts, as the gods are weakened or at least kept busy by the war.

The manhal describes these changes in painstaking detail. If you are not getting the rest of the Dragonmech material being released, it is nice to know that like any other bookDragonmech does succeed in throwing in a large pile of tantalizing hooks that you as DM can expand on to further enrich your game.


The mechanics are overall an improvement over some other Steamtech materials I have seen.

Dragonmech Motivational Posters – Page 2

Reset Fields Log in. This is such a monumentally unique book that I would encourage anyone interested in something new or interesting to give this a serious look. Now with a comprehensive guide for 3.

Browsing the context-linked Contents Page, you will find that the rest of the book is divided into 8 chapters. Wars are fought as the dwarves bravely defend their underground cities and losses are great for all. The Mecha rules presented are nice and solid. Of course, with regards to magic, that is where the similarities end. Originally Posted by SilverClawShift. But you don’t think it’ll get me in trouble with the mods, do you?

Each xragonmech is divided by an artwork depicted as a photographic “plate” – the chapter drabonmech is only adequate since they only take up about half the page. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

The art is magnificent. The self-contained dragonmecn, society, economy, military and organizations on Nedderpik are briefly introduced and up to the DM to flesh out.

That’s slightly more than twice the size of the print version. There are numerous factions in the world and some of them are already up to their old tricks and adventure seeds are sown about for the GM to pick and choose. In non-DragonMech worlds, the mechs can be used as deadly constructs drahonmech animated golems.

DragonMech: Mech Manual by Dragonmech, Sword and Sorcery (Paperback, 2005)

Mechs receive ability scores, spped, and HD according to type and size. This is followed by a four-page advert and then the easy-print version portion of the book. The singular thing I dislike about the book is that there is manyal enough material to tide things over for a handful of months The new mechs range from all areas of the DragonMech world, including the ,ech factions of dwarves, humans, elves, orcs, and undead, as well as races that are only just now beginning to experiment with mechs, such as drow, derro, and aboleths.

If you have ever run Battletech games before, then you will not overly feel like a stranger when playing in Dragonmech. They vary from a standard rogue primarily in that their class skill list is slightly different, and their special abilities gained after 10th level relate to defeating mechs. What can be more awesome than that!?!?!? A second steam tech class, steamborgs replace part of their body with steamtech. Not all major cities are city mechs, but many former major cities lie in ruins.


And ravaged it truly is as huge lunar rocks rain from the sky flattening civilization everywhere. The major new class mechanic is steam powers.

Truthfully, I had a difficult time actually understanding what was going on at times. I don’t think they actually behave like Mech Devils and less like frickin’ animals with weapons. All the races including the hated orcs are represented. This required a new way of thinking, or more precisely, an old way of thinking brought back as an ancient dwarf brought for the tomes that would help his people create the city mechs, massive machines who could survive the lunar rains, which were not as common or as devastating, but more importantly, could defeat the lunar dragons.

Goodman claims that rather than the sleek Anime style, these should remind the player of large Gutenberg presses, clunky furnaces and the black soot of the Industrial Revolution. Some classes have few tweaks, and new variants and whole new classes are provided: Obviously, I was not immune, either, as campaign ideas bounced around in my own mind as I read and took notes. The power source used has a strong influence on the capabilities of the mech.

All sorts of alien monsters are brought down to earthvoluntarily or not, as part of the lunar rain. Dragonmech Motivational Posters Yeah, Dragonmech mechs are more like walking battleships than anime-style humongous mecha. No disrespect to Goodman, but the campaign world seemed like it was created as a vehicle pardon the pun for the mechs.