Most fascinating of all for me was the chance to hear two of Boulez’s own recent works in the flesh: the clangourous Sur Incises for three harps.

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Sur Incises, which Boulez completed for the moment at any rate inhas a glittering soundworld that morphs from percussive work-out to a soft-focused stasis on his favourite, radiant harmonies. University of Michigan Press. Boulez cannot really express change or difference the way that Debussy can. Another attractive aspect is that at times you encounter very quick changes followed by sections of constant continuous instrumental combinations.

At least the first two of the high-speed chases are thrilling, and there are marvelous moments when steel drums come in with their exotic disintonations, or when the harps fall silent for an ominous summons of pianos and bells. So the harps’ entries depend a lot on the different kinds of speed at which this instrument can be handled.

As the music unfolds, episodes of sustained, quasi-lyrical dreaminess alternate abruptly with outbursts of pulsating intensity that suggest “organized delirium”, in the term Mr. All of the music you hear in it is based on a single chord derived — see what I’ve done there?

Why Boulez is like a bait ball

These are both huge pieces, playing for about 40 and 45 minutes, and they’re both the results of Boulez’s mania for endless revision and endless expansion. The drama of the music is how Boulez manipulates his musical textures to create moments of stasis and irresistible energy, and everything in between.

Because this sound belongs to all families and to none at the same time. Thus, you can see what you hear. Baden-Baden, 18 September Translation: Rebel with a cause”.

Pierre Boulez: sur Incises

Compositions by Pierre Boulez 20th-century classical music Serial compositions Music dedicated to Paul Sacher Classical composition stubs. Another reason is that I did not want to compose a piece for all families of instruments like in Eclat. Perhaps after a couple of decades of neo-Romantic works by composers craving appreciation, imcises audience found it bracing to hear Mr.

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In this part the principles of the cadence are mixed with the introduction, this very free introduction actually in a rather complete way so that it is very difficult to judge which elements are taken from which area.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. In what respect do sur Incises and Incises differ since their congruence is so obvious? Boulez, on the other hand, doesn’t do drama. It’s a musical world that’s completely hermetic and yet infinitely expandable. So I decided in favour of three percussion particularly as we have three percussionists in our ensemble. The piece lasts less than ten minutes.

Why Boulez is like a bait ball | Music | The Guardian

So I have composed a cadenza for everybody, which is to be played without interruption at a very rapid speed and which is very difficult to perform. The pianos therefore obviously represent the principal instruments. Boupez is the reason why I ended up with three pianos – incidentally three pianists are part of our ensemble.

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The links are powered by Skimlinks. But you find also moments when this role play is divided up, such as that one piano and one percussionist play the free structures whereas the other pianos and percussionists incizes to follow the strict ostinato movement etc.

I had the sense last night at the Queen Elizabeth Hall that although the piece was 45 minutes long, it could either have been 20 minutes or and it wouldn’t really have mattered. When the performance ended Therefore I produced a piece for three pianos assuming that there already exists enough interesting literature for two pianos and ensembles, especially in the modern age – take for example Bartok’s “Sonata for two pianos and percussion”.

Consequently my starting point was three pianos, three harps, three percussionists; also three times three which is nine. As if that wasn’t enough, on Wednesday and Thursday there was a mini-residency from the Ensemble Intercontemporain and Pierre Boulez in two centenary concerts for Olivier Messiaen and Elliott Carter. You can play the harp very fast if you do not use the pedals or only very little. Jncises are there also transitions to be found or, let’s put it differently, do the harps or percussionists at times take the role of the pianos or of one piano?


Having started the composition I realised that this disposition does not make any sense in a piece for three pianos because, wanting to be consistent, I would have had to create a boule for first harp and first percussion which was not feasible.

This situation changes with a recollection of the initial cadenza focusing on the three pianos in order to demonstrate on which kind of periodicity incuses complete action is based.

Boulfz that’s when the marlin come — but that’s ibcises the metaphor well past breaking point. Views Read Edit View history. It’s as if Debussy were to take a single gesture from La Mer and magnify it until it filled 45 minutes. The question is what does that mean?

You will inccises that Incises begins with this very free and flexible introduction followed incisess this very, very quick part which is at times abruptly interrupted. A packed Festival Hall gave Boulez a rock-star reception after the music’s coda.

Based on the material of IncisesSur Incises is a two-movement work the movements are called “Moment I” and “Moment II” for three pianosthree harpsand three percussion parts, which use a variety of tuned percussion instruments: Relaxed, Jovial and Busy”. You’d better hope you like the kaleidoscope for a kick-off; but if you do, there’s a seductive, hypnotic quality to the music that is a million miles from the aggressive iconoclasm of Boulez’s earliest music.

This article about a classical composition is a stub. Reviewing of a performance of IncisesTim Page jncises it: First I had in mind to transform this piece into a longer one for Pollini and a group of instrumentalists, a kind of piano concerto although without reference to the traditional form. There’s a polish iincises a voluptuousness about this music that’s instantly appealing and gripping for the whole experience of bboulez piece.

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