Lower elevations are generally forested by White Spruce and Subalpine Fir. A pattern apparent in many valleys is intermittent-to-closed forest cover of White. Mean annual. BOREAL CORDILLERA ECOZONE. The mountainous portion of this ecozone includes valleys filled with glacial till and glaciofluvial sediments. Cordillera/ Boreal_Cordillera_Ecozone_(CEC).

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Some of the communities found in the area include WhitehorseDawson and Haines Junction. The coastal rivers boral well known for their commercial and sport fish values. Just over six per cent of Canada’s landscapekm 2 is covered by the Taiga Plains.

This mountainous ecozone is between the Montane Cordillera Ecozone to the south-east and the Taiga Cordillera Ecozone to the north. The landscape is mountainous. Canadian Council of Forest Ministers.

The climate is subarctic continental, with low precipitation from to mm annually.

Boreal Cordillera – Wikipedia

Mining, gas and oil production, and tourism are also significant economic activities in the ecozone. Terrestrial ecozones of Canada.

Lying north of the Porcupine River, it is an extensive plain comprised mainly of wetlands. Atlas of Canada Access a wide range of regional, national, and international online maps at this the National Resources Canada website.

Over ecozons course of two centuries of settlement and development, a characteristic fragmented landscape mosaic of agriculture, urban development, and remnant natural areas has emerged. Depending on elevation and exposure, vegetation ranges from alpine tundra to dense conifer forest that is almost coastal in appearance, to high elevation subalpine fir and Englemann spruce, to dry sagebrush and grasslands.


It covers parts of the Yukon and the southwestern part of the Mackenzie District in the Northwest Territories. The region is part of the largest remaining block of aspen parkland left in the world. The ground is typically covered by lichens, ecpzone, low shrubs, herbs and sedges. The three zones contain the Canadian Rockies.

Natural Regions

Vegetation abundance and ground cover differs significantly throughout the area. Marine mammals unique to the ecozone within Canada include Steller Sea Lion and California sea lions, sea otters, northern fur seals, Dall’s porpoise, white-sided dolphin and whales giant, Stejneger’s beaked, right, Pacific pilot and grey.

During glacial times about 9, years agomuch of it was once the bottom of the ancient Champlain Sea. Forests, however, are the dominant types of vegetation throughout this ecozone. Mammals of the area include black-tailed deer, black and grizzly bears, mountain lion cougarfisher, raccoon and American pika.

Boreal cordillera | Geoclass Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Some mining has taken place. The presence of Dall’s sheep, mountain goat in the southhoary marmot and American pika are more closely associated with the alpine conditions. The Brodeur Plateau is vast and seemingly uninterrupted for over km, and is dissected, very much like the southern badlands, with mesas and painted canyons.

The ecozone has cprdillera than 11 lakes and seven major river systems including the headwaters of the Fraser and Columbia Rivers. The majority of the population of 2 density The year-round ice cover creates desert-like conditions for most sea mammals. Glaciation has had a substantial impact here, scouring and reconfiguring the lowlands, leaving deep mantles of moraine.

The Carolinian forest of south-west Ontario contains rare tree species typical of forests much farther south photo by Tim Fitzharris. Very little of this ecozone remains in its natural grassland state.


Boreal cordillera

Coastal communities like Pond Inlet, Clyde River and Qikiqtarjuaq are examples of larger communities. Five species boreap anadromous salmon, Pacific herring, halibut and other groundfish form the backbone of the commercial fishery. Unlike the neighboring Boreal Shield, the Boreal Plains ecozone has few bedrock outcrops, fewer lakes, a higher percentage of nonforest land, and some private lands.

The underlying frozen ground acts as a barrier and prevents soils from readily draining. Where they occur, corcillera are of variable depth and often coarse-textured. About five per centkm 2 of Canada is in this ecozone.

Field crops grain, oilseeds and pulses and forage crops occupy the greater part of cultivated areas.

Some local areas can be hummocky and potholed, providing depressions for the establishment of wetlands, ponds and small lakes. The total population of 3 density Many of the landforms here are striking in appearance and often resemble the table-top mountains and cuestas i. The resulting soils are frozen year-round except for thin surface layers that thaw in the brief summer period. ecozoe

Some of the drumlins along the upper Back River are nearly flat and others west of Chantrey Borael are among the most dramatic in Canada. They often migrate great distances to the south to winter. In combination, the ice and mountains provide some of Canada’s most captivating scenery.