Run bjam from the directory containing Jamroot as described in Recipe bjam dist. This copies the executable hellobeatles and the dynamic library georgeringo live online training, learning paths, books, interactive tutorials, and more. To automatically install the Boost libraries with , the command-line program bjam is used. The Boost libraries ship this program as source code and . finally the boost configuration file: // Jamfile import python ; project tutorial When I execute from my cmd prompt (after properly.

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System libraries—those that are automatically found by the toolset by searching through some set of predetermined paths—should be declared almost like regular ones:.

Now, to build the release variant of helloinvoke. Note for non-UNIX system. No matter what arguments are specified on the bjam command line, important will only be linked with the static version of helpers. It’s not necessary in any way to use bjam in order to build code that works with boost.

Let’s improve this project further.

There are of course other build tools apart from bjam. Note that project ids are global—two Jamfiles are not allowed to assign the same project id to different directories. Which properties will be used to build foo? Create a Jamroot file in the directory where you want the executable to be created.

Projects inherit all attributes such as requirements from their parents. For example, the command above could also have been written this way:. The kind of library produced from a lib target is determined by the value of the link feature.


When a building a target X depends on first building another target Y such as a library that must be linked with XY is called a dependency of X and X is termed a dependent of Y. Take note however that the preferred build tool for Boost.

Our objective will be to simply create the hello world module and run it in Python. In Windows for example, you can simply put these libraries inside the directory where the Python executable is.

Chapter Tutorial

The tutorial example can be found in the directory: There, you can find:. First, we need to assign a project id by adding this code to Jamroot:. As explained in Recipe 1. An example project could look like: The parent tutlrial of a subproject is defined by the nearest Jamfile or Jamroot file in an ancestor directory. Create a local alias target that refers to the static or dynamic version of foo:.

The Boost libraries ship this program as source code and not as an executable.

Building a Complex application Using – C++ Cookbook [Book]

For example, imagine that a library actually uses different source files depending rutorial the toolset used to build it. After a successful build, you can just link in these DLLs with the Python interpreter. The debug and release options cause both debug and release builds to be generated. Build attempts to use dependencies with the same value of propagated features. This copies the executable hellobeatles and the dynamic library georgeringo to the directory containing hellobeatles.


Tip Some other build system have special syntax for listing dependent libraries, for example LIBS variable. You’ll have to tweak this path appropriately. For example, debug and release variants of a prebuilt library might be declared as follows:. Multithread-enabled compilation is another example of a typical target requirement. For example, in the following directory layout:. Some other build system have special titorial for listing dependent libraries, for example LIBS variable.

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C++ Cookbook by Jeff Cogswell, Jonathan Turkanis, Christopher Diggins, D. Ryan Stephens

However, you might need to use bjam more often because bjam supports command-line options to build the Boost tuhorial in different ways. This document is provided “as is” without express or implied warranty, and with no claim bjm to its suitability for any purpose. One way to accomplish this in the present case is to change the names of the Jamfiles in the directories johnpaulgeorgeringoand hellobeatles from Jamroot to Jamfileand add to a Jamroot file in the parent directory with the following content:.

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Because the default configuration is not always appropriate, you should know the most important command-line options:. We again don’t specify any sources, but give a name that should be passed to the compiler.

Now we are ready The release and debug that we’ve seen in bjam invocations are just a shorthand way to specify values of the variant feature.