Litsea glaucescens Kunth is a native plant from Central America and Mexico, mainly distributed in the states of Chiapas Nayarit and Veracruz. Thirty-one compounds are identified in the essential oil of Mexican bay (Litsea glaucescens scens), which is dominated by ± % 1,8-cineole, . Thirty-one compounds are identified in the essential oil of Mexican bay (Litsea glaucescens var. glaucescens), which is dominated by ± % 1.

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In addition, Pradeepa et al. As we lotsea, it seems that phenolic compounds were the main compounds glaucescns for the antioxidant activity of the four L. Results obtained through the DPPH method showed variations among the seasonal extracts. To contribute to the biological characterization of this plant, we evaluated its potential as antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiproliferative agent.

Seeds are not available for the Mexican Bay. Flowers are small, white-green in color. Leaves are leathery and elongated in shape, growing up to 3″. Oxygen radical absorbance capacity assay was carried out using a modified method described by Ou et al.

Please visit our seed store to view current litssa. As can be observed, the evident difference among them is the height of the chromatographic peaks related to the concentration of the phenolics. Growth-inhibitory activity of L.


Concentration of major phenolic compounds identified in L. Each year, around 2 million people are infected by antibiotic resistant bacteria in USA and thousands die due to infections with clinical complications [ 8 ]. In addition, the influence of seasons on its antiproliferative activity was glaucesvens different in three of the four cell lines studied here.

Litsea glaucescens

These values are higher than those reported before for other Litsea species 1. These complications reduce the conventional antibiotics efficacy and length of the hospitalization stays and increase the medical treatment costs associated with the research and application of broad spectrum antibiotics [ 7 ].

To identify the main phenolic compounds of the glucescens of L. This species has been exploited for different purposes: Male flowers yellowish-white, 3. In the same way, Ndi et al. Free-radical scavenging activity was measured following the modified method reported by Usia et al.

Similarly, Areekul et al. The correlation coefficients are shown in each graph.

It is native from southern North America, mostly in Mexico. It is well known that the antioxidant activity of natural products is strongly related to the content of phenolic compounds that they have, and the results obtained in this work agree with that fact. Phenolic content of L.

In the present study, we evaluated the antioxidant activity of L. Data analysis was performed using the NCCS,statistical software. F6, and ARPE cell lines. Glauceecens, diseases related to oxidative stress and to antimicrobial resistance are considered the main public health concern, leading to the highest mortality rates worldwide [ 12 ]. Distributed by Mexico and Central America.


Litsea glaucescens – Useful Tropical Plants

Therefore, it is possible to hypothesize that L. It is used as seasoning. It is glaucecsens shrub or small tree that grows to 1. Retrieved from ” https: Antibacterial Assay Antibacterial activity of extracts was evaluated by the modified microdilution broth method [ 24 ]. These structural features confer to both compounds a greater stability, compared with those that lack them [ 1347 ].

F6 murine B-cell lymphoma was provided by Dr. Seed Availability Seeds are not available for the Mexican Bay. This has resulted in a considerable exploitation in virtually all their range. Thanks are due to Q. Litsea glaucescens Mexican Bay.

Litsea glaucescens Images

The chromatographic profiles of the four seasonal extracts are shown in Figure 2. Although all the extracts inhibited the proliferation of human and murine cells lines, their effect was moderate. From the results reported here, the antioxidant activity was the strongest one and clearly dependent on the season.