This issue is primarily a bug-fix issue. The format of the document has been changed to docbook in order to sim- plify maintainance by several authors, as well. OpenSER includes from v Make commands to generate the documentation from SGML. This commands are: make modules-readme. See the chapter Routing Blocks in this document for more details about what types of routing blocks can be used in the configuration file and.

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Developing a new module Get Message Body 6. Lower this value for faster detection of broken TCP connections. New Features in Devel Version. Example of RPC command – pkg.

This variable can be used to test the value of URI from To header. As the parameter is given as string, but it is actually an integer value, a fixup function is used.

Kamailio v Developer Guide – The Kamailio SIP Server Project

From the backtrace you should get the file and line where the overwriting happened. Sets real time priority for all the Kamailio processes, or the timers bitmask. Means that internally there is a function called every time the parameter is set, instead of setting the value to a variable.

The core takes care of receiving the messages from the network, the basic validation for them, preparing the environment for a higher level processing of SIP messages. Parameter to set alias hostnames for the server. Kamailio follows the requirements specified in RFC for server and service location.


It links to the interface functions implemented in the module. When a SIP message is received from the network, it is parsed in such structure.

The flags are used to mark the message for special processing e. Example of MI Command Function Example of lock in shared memory Kamailio SIP Server v3. Note that on BSDs it does not need to be docimentation if set it will be ignored, the proper MTU will be used automatically by the kernel.

It is the function to be called when Kamailio is stopped. Number of children processes to be created for reading from TCP connections.

Set the value for multicast ttl. The first decision to be taken.

How often the garbage collection will run eliminating kamailioo, expired entries. Parse a buffer that contains the body of a To header. We are not done yet. Next example is given just to show how such fixup can look like, it is no longer used for flag operations kamaiio. Most of Kamailio modules are using srdb1thus for this document the focus will be on how to use this option. It keeps the state of parsing, meaning that it has an anchor to the beginning of unparsed part of the SIP message and stores a bitmask of flags with parsed known headers.

You have to login to be able to edit – you can create an account via documentxtion form: Keywords specific to SIP messages which can be used mainly in ‘if ‘ odcumentation. It has impact on the size of destination set created in core e. The transformation are implemented mainly in Kamailio modules, data structures and API are in file pvar.


The second is the index withing the set of the lock to be unset. Can be changed at runtime. It also includes the code for statistics API – it most of the cases, you may need to link old Kamailio modules to it.

Kamailio v3.2.0 Developer Guide

Next is a fixup function that converts the string value given in configuration file to an unsigned integer. The main structure that has to be exported by a module. Extending the grammar 8. Kamailio uses references in the SIP message body most of the time, doing it via an anchor pointer and the length. Kamailio modules in a pretty simple concept, are objects that export a set of parameters to control the internals and a set of functions that can be used in the configuration file.

Initialized the internal attributes of a lock set. Maximum bytes queued for write allowed per connection. The locks can be used as simple variables or lock sets array of simple locks. The problem is that a lock is set but never unset.

Default value is 0 off. This block is used to define ‘sub-routes’ – group of actions that can be executed from another routing block.