The action of Juno and the Paycock takes place between September and. November In that year there were no fewer than four governments in. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. The most famous play by this remarkable Irish dramatist. Juno and the Paycock has been produced throughout the world and offers a compelling look at the.

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Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

BOYLE catching him in her arms. You were goin’ to say somethin’, don’t be a twisther. Me home is gone, now; he was me only child, an’ to think that he was lyin’ for a whole night stretched out on the side of a lonely counthry lane, with his head, his darlin’ head, that I ofen kissed an’ fondled, half hidden in the wather of a runnin’ brook.

He promised you — gave you the straight tip? It’ll be an ayse to me conscience, for I’m takin’ what doesn’t belong to you. Ah, I thought there was somethin’ curious about the whole thing; I’ve bin havin’ sthrange dhreams for the last couple o’ weeks. A rough voice is heard shouting from outside door R.

I’ll slip on me oul’ moleskins afther breakfast, an’ we can saunther down at our ayse. Are you blind, man, that you can’t see that it was Bentham that has done this wrong to her?

Open the door, Ppaycock this thing has me nearly killed with the weight. Here, sit down an’ take your breakfast — it may be the last you’ll get, for I don’t know where the next is goin’ to come from. Boyle in tone of fury mixed with resignation. Oh, father, that’s not Rest in Peace; that’s God save Ireland. Father Farrell’s beginnin’ to take a great intherest in Captain Boyle; because of what Johnny did for his country, says he to me wan day.


Don’t forget to nad down afther awhile; we’ll have a quiet jar, an’ a song or two. An’ to think of me forgettin’ about him bein’ brought to the church to-night, an’ we singin’ an’ all, but it was well we hadn’t the gramophone goin’, anyhow. Madigan crossing front and running out of door r. But, that’s what the clergy want, Joxer — work, work, work for me an’ you; havin’ us mulin’ from mornin’ till night, so that they may be in betther fettle when they come hoppin’ round for their dues!

How the hell do I know what he done it for? I know nothing about Tancred. It was simply due to an over- wrought imagination — we all get that way at times. BOYLE closing the door.

I’m sure you’re frettin’, da, whether it is or no. Boyle ; dogma has no attraction for me. Whisht, damn it, he must be inside in bed. Boyle crosses over to fire again y and sits in chair, in an agitated state. She moves slowly towards the door Mother o’ God, Mother o’ God, have pity on the pair of usl. What’s all the mysthery about? An’, now, stretch yourself down on the bed for a little. Bentham rises from chair, surprised and agitated.

I hate to see fellas thryin’ to do, what they’re not able to do. Very nicely rendered indeed. The wan inside to St.

For God’s sake, let us have no more o’ this talk. Give us that poem you writ t’other day. For mem’ry’s the only friend that grief can call its own, that grief.


To leave you so sudden, an’ yous so great together. Ay, did you see where I put me braces? If I can ever do anything for you. Go on in ower that an’ dress, or Charlie ’11 be in on you, an’ tea nor nothin ’11 be ready. He was not what some call pious — seldom at church or prayer; For the greatest scoundrels I know, sir, goes every Sunday there.

Well, if you weren’t in Ryan’s you were in Foley’s. Silver coins for BOYL.

Juno and the Paycock

Ordher for Joxer’s song! Well, let him look! I have to paycocm to a job, Joxer. I don’t know how you stick it — it ud put years on me. The two furniture- removal men re-enter door R.

Is Johnny not well, Mrs. Boyle in utter perplexity. Mind now, how you go on tue with that clock ; you know the least little thing sets it astray.

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Full text of ” OU Juno And The Paycock”

God knows I went down on pwycock bended knees to him not to go agen the Free State. Maybe you thought I’d stop on the roof all the night for you! A lamp is lighting on the table. Then he dashes into room L.