To use the charts, just line up the focal length and aperture settings you plan to use. The corresponding figure will be the hyperfocal distance. The top chart is in . They maximize DOF (depth of field), the region of acceptable sharpness, by focusing at the hyperfocal distance. A simple function of lens focal length, aperture. Focusing at the hyperfocal distance will make an image with DOF from half of that The calculator in the next page allows for you to use any CoC of your choice.

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The debate over the “proper” circle of confusion has been raging for more than 70 years and will probably be raging forever. If you have a Google account you can save to a local copy for editing.

The short answer is: Default values are standard, however you may change these to create any series of aperture f-stops. So, I set the focus to 10 feet. It suplies area in focus,minimum to maximum and overall focus area along with hyperfocal focus point and even a custom sensor size option. You will now want to set your focus at the hyperfocal distance.

A simple function of lens focal length, aperture and the diameter of the Circle of Confusion. A simple function of lens focal length, aperture and the diameter of the Circle of Confusion. The reason is that the lens aperture is wide-open. Using this device is probably a little better than just estimating the distance. Lenses from the film days typically have a scale printed on them that allows you to measure what distances are acceptably sharp at a given aperture setting. I should have asked why they didn’t produce a correct FX DoF table in the first place, but it’s possible I suppose that this could be their table for DX.


To change it you will need a writable version. If you absolutely need all parts of your picture tack sharp, you can forget about hyperfocal distance as well. Just note your aperture setting and line up the infinity focus setting with that aperture.

Hyperfocal Distance Chart Maker – Focus Pocus – Outsight Photography

For that distance, Near focus limit of DOF: The true f-stop tabpe of aperture were used in the calculations as per this table below:. Modern lenses now don’t have markings for various distances, so an approximation, or estimate is enough. See ” The Theory of Depth of Field Scales ” for a description of how distances are marked on a scale.

The wider hypeffocal angle of a lens, the shorter its focal length and deeper depth of field. How do you dress up in the cold for photography? Enter the focusing distance.

Thanks in advance for your response. Since this is a prime lens, and assumes a 35mm camera, the only one of our three factors that can change is the aperture.

Yes, just tried and didn’t work at all. As mentioned above, however, hyperfocal distance also depends on your focal length. You’ve calculated the hyperfocal distance and you’re getting ready to make focus dishance it. So keep a hyperfocal distance chart handy. I hope others find this useful. Focus the lens at the hyperfocal distance as shown in the picture. This way, you’ll make sure you get all background elements in focus. The result came back to this page.


To function properly, this website requires Javascript being enabled in your web brower’s options. Additive and subtractive colors. This picture shows the depth of field scale on a lens. Contests Updated December 08, Select your lens focal length mm. These lenses have a relatively short hyperfocal hhperfocal when set to larger f-numbers.

Guide to Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Distance

This is easy to do when the lens has a distance scale and a depth of field scale. Telephoto lenses are rarely hyperrfocal for hyperfocal distance focusing.

Next step is to make focus using the automatic mode and set the focus to manual, so focus will not change when shooting. It doesn’t need to be precise. These are the same three factors that determine depth of field, so this might sound familiar to you. You will see a pull-down menu for CofC cell A1 and camera format cell B1 on the first sheet I couldn’t figure out how to combine these selections into one.

Plus selling your images November 19,