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Huawei BTS3900L Installation Manual

The cable ties are evenly spaced and installagion the same direction. Group Post User Document. For example, pressing Alt, A means the two keys should be pressed in turn. The connectors of the RF cables are fixed in position to avoid false connection that may cause an abnormal voltage standing wave ratio VSWR. Page 84 Step 5 Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the wiring terminals. Installation Clearance And Position Requirements The installation of cabinets must meet the requirements of the proper design, practical installation, and elegant layout.

The cabinet door can be removed before the cabinet is installed for easy operations. Before the installation, pay attention to the following items: Figure shows the installation process.


If there are ejector levers on the panel, close them. When 3 phase power is used, the short circuit bar should be removed; when single phase power is used, install the short circuit bar.

Sufficient slack recommended for about 0. The cabinets are installed in a row in the same equipment room for easy cabling.

Step 3 Remove the cabinet door to facilitate operations, as shown in Figure Indoor centralized rack icr dual-mode base station pages. This document applies to sites where computers cannot be used to view the documents.

Fixed Network Info Community Members: Cabling Requirements Sufficient slack recommended for about 0. Page 42 Installation Guide 8 Installing the Cabinet Context When installing a BTSL on a base, use a marking template matching the base to determine the positions of the holes for installing the cabinet. Indoor Cabling Requirements Cables are routed indoors through the feeder window. Page 39 If the resistance is greater than or equal to five megohms, you can infer that the cabinet is insulated from the floor.

What a great Library! Step 2 Lay out the cable according to the instructions in Cabling Requirements and use cable ties to bind it. Page 82 Step 5 Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the wiring terminals. Capacity expansion This document describes how to install hardware for a running base station. The cabinets are as close to the feeder window as possible so that the feeder is used less.


Notice The purchased products, services and features are stipulated by the contract made between Huawei and the customer. Use the multimeter to measure the DC output voltage, the normal range should be The armor of the AC cable need to be grounded.

Route the PGND cables along the left side inside the cabinet. Page 7 Press the primary mouse button twice continuously and quickly huaaei moving the pointer. Installation Guide for Enhancing Existing Cabinets.

Table Of Contents 2. The installation of cabinets must meet the requirements of the proper design, practical installation, and elegant layout.

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Fiber optic cables cannot be squeezed by the cabinet door when routed through the cabinet, as shown in FigureFigure Figure Page installstion Go. Remove the dustproof caps from the optical connectors at the end labeled 1A and 1B on the fiber optic cables, and insert the optical connectors into the optical modules in BBU 1.

The following figure is an example for series base stations.