Fakhruddin Iraqi has 30 ratings and 4 reviews. Ivan said: Iraqi bridged several Sufi traditions and traveled through much of the Muslim world. Born in Ir. The following collage has been rendered from Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi: Divine Flashes, translated by W. Chittick and P. Wilson, The poetry that follows is like an. Contents. 1 Quotes. Lama’at (Divine Flashes); Fakhruddin Iraqi: Divine Flashes (). 2 External links. Quotes[edit]. Since we have quaffed the beaker .

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The Best Books of But this knowledge entails several kinds of knowledge at once.

Focuses on achieving union with the Divine. Nor does it mean they ignore or are unconcerned with the phenomena of this world.

The reader should remember the famous hadith: But the ultimate authority of the Koran and Hadith is never forgotten. And others are desired because of things outside themselves. Marguerite Porete Marguerite Porete. He is not qualified by any knowledge derived from other than Himself or through other than Himself. It has Its own order, rhythm, and modes.

We make it identical to some entity. So It cannot be de- scribed in positive terms. Since the First Entification represents the sum total of all the potentialities of God’s Self-Manifestation, but in a state where each potentiality is identical with every other and with Being, it is called “Oneness.

Thus a “horse” is an entification of “animal. The Divine prototype of love is expressed by means of the words “I loved” ahbabtu in the famous hadith qudsi in which God says, “I was a Hidden Treasure and I loved to be known. The First Entification has numerous names, depending on our point of view. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Is it not true that there is only one Existent?

Looking for beautiful books? For if God is the “Creator,” it is so that He can have a creation. At the same time, almost everything he says about Love-not to speak of Love qua Being-is derived from the teachings of his master, Qunawi.


The Perfect Man acts as a receptacle for all of Being’s perfec- tions. On the importance of the discussion of Being in Islamic philos- ophy, see T. Dec 24, Diane rated it really liked it. So when man loves something, he loves only himself, that is, his own attributes and ontological perfections as reflected in the beloved. He knows the primordial- ground of its source, the reason for its properties and its outward manifestation, and its hidden and evident concomitants.

Imran rated it really liked it Mar 03, The Illuminationist philosophers refer to the Ultimate Reality as “Light” nur.

For political reasons, he escaped to Turkey. But here also God is One, each Name is identical in its exis- tence with every other. Daniel rated it it was amazing Jun 12, In their eyes, love is love, whether it is love for God flashhes love for the human form.

This Holy Effusion is also called the “Second Entification.

The most in-depth and scholarly panorama of Western spirituality ever attempted! However, that “very nature” is unknowable to us, except through revelation.

In another respect Love is one of God’s Attributes, as in Qunawi’s teachings. When ‘Iraqi discusses the nature of Love, he displays a profound comprehension of the metaphysical teachings of his own master, Qunawi.

Or, if certain entities can perceive all of them, they can do so only within a certain ontological level, not within the full range of the deployment of the Fskhruddin.

Fakhruddin Iraqi: Divine Flashes

This relation is referred to technically as “affinity” munasabah. Chittick, especially the first treatise translated there, in which Qunawi presents the Sufi point of view concerning these matters. As for the particular Sufi school of Ibn al-‘Arabi, it also employs numerous terms, including “Allah” and “Truth” haqqalthough each term it uses has a particular technical connotation.

Fakhtuddin the Perfect Man can know God as such, since only he is the mirror for the totality of God’s Names and Attributes.

Divine Flashes : Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi :

To understand the nature of Love and its myriad self-mani- festations is to grasp the nature of Being Itself, for the two are in fact one.


Nevertheless, man is also the “beloved,” as was indicated above, for only he can become the Perfect Man and thus actualize the ultimate object of God’s Love.

True, often it would be sufficient to change “Love” to “Being” in ‘Iraqi’s sentences to produce statements identical to those of Ibn al- ‘Arabi’s followers who preserved the master’s terminology. But even in Qunawi’s teachings these two points of view can be combined into one, for if Love in one respect is an Attribute of God, in another respect it is identical with His very Essence.

That can only be known by the great prophets and saints within the inmost recesses of their own reality. A translation and analysis of Ghazzali’s work is being prepared by Nasrollah Pourjavady.

Divine Flashes

Iraqi bridged several Sufi traditions and traveled through much of the Muslim world. It cannot not be As for what exactly is meant by fakhrusdin term “to be,” on the one hand its meaning is self-evident, and on the other, it is almost impossible to grasp Everyone has an immediate intuition of what it means for something to “be” or to “exist.

We cannot truly name or describe it. Qunawi himself fakhduddin not discuss these points systematically in his works, but he does allude to them.

So all the creatures must be actualized within the Divine Presences, since each is a precondition for the actualization of the Perfect Man. In discussing God’s Oneness, the various schools of Islamic thought employ a variety of terms to refer to the Diivne and Unique Reality. This is the news given by the Prophet: