Die Weiße Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Die Weisse Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A detailed biography of Inge Scholl that includes includes images, quotations and the main facts In June the White Rose group began producing leaflets.

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Acho que esse pormenor acrescentou uma energia mais positiva e interessante ao livro. There was a quote too, “After all, inye end in terror is preferable to terror without end.

Die Weiße Rose : Inge Scholl :

Jun 01, Hilary G rated it liked it. Our society is still a little open, it’s not too late for us to learn from history and act! It is the story of the handful of University students who opposed Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in an unequivocal manner, by printing up leaflets calling for the end of the war and distributing them on campus. Sadly, I think it possible that by their deaths, the National Socialist state made further resistance less likely. I twas concrete, and its goal and starting point were concrete It has been said that this one small footnote in history represents the entirety of the “resistance movement” in Germany, although from a historical perspective this is of course more complicated.

Die Weiße Rose : Deutsche Lektüre für das 3. und 4. Lernjahr. Gekürzt, mit Annotationen

Not the best history, but somewhere to start. I think these were fine young people. When the Scholls were arrested after throwing pamphlets from the University steps, they knew they would be sentenced to death.

Dec 02, Fadi rated schll liked it.

With everything the White Rose had up against them, they still resisted though they already lived in a closed down, totalitarian society. Indeed, it is hard not to. Whether you know about the war, German Knowing nothing of The White Rose and its members, I read this book after my wife brought it home college research for the win! This article needs additional citations for verification. Many people from my country know how fascist Germany fell.

One wonders also about the radicalisation, or the deradicalisation, of the Scholl siblings and looks to the surviving sister for insight into how they came to form a group and to take action in a social context design to promote alienation and mistrust, but she doesn’t have an answer beyond this book itself, which implicitly says that if such events and regimes are to be avoided in future then we must have role models to inspire us and to give us a moral compass.


Two things which I liked in particular. However, roxe to the Center for White Rose Studiesinhe did not even “so much as listen to her siblings’ talk”, when they tried to convince her to take part in Written by Inge Scholl Han’s and Sophie’s sisterThe White Rose features letters, diary excerpts, photographs of Hans and Sophie, transcriptions of the leaflets, and accounts of the trial and execution.

The White Rose

Many pages are either reprints of the pamhplets The White Rose spread or the text of their trials. What impact, if any, was there on protest in general against National Socialism? Wesleyan University Press,pp. What started with surreptitious meetings with like-minds; meetings where they could share texts from forbidden philosophers and writers and rail against the loss of freedoms and death which surrounded them.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The story of the White Rose Movement has been made into film three times. This book serves as a poignant reminder of the reach and impact of passive resistance against a totalitarian state.

Interesting read, Hel, thanks. Some have said the reliance of the book on text. Josef Gobbel’s diaries constantly rail against defeatism. All three were in German, but worth watching.

To ask other readers questions about The White Roseplease sign up. Whether you know about the war, Germany, or The White Rose is irrelevant. They were obviously not the only group of resisters during the Third Reich, but their movement seems to stand alone at This was kind of a weird book to read. I fear that the answer is a resounding Very interesting book about a student non-violent resistance movement in Munich, For them, the question was not whether or not they supported the regime but what resistance meant in practice.

Sadly, I think their response was probably too intellectual to appeal to the general population, and that quotations from Goethe, Lao-Tzu and Ecclesiastes don’t have the same power as flying airoplanes into skyscrapers or explosions in public transport networks. Plus it contains the leaflets produced and other supporting documentation. This book, compiled and edited by their sister Inge who added a page introduction is especially good because it has all the leaflets of the White Rose and the two later ones “of the Resistance” translated into English.


Such a course of action in Nazi-Germany led to their execution. The Scholls were a Protestant family in a staunchly Catholic region, Aicher-Scholl cunningly insinuates her siblings into a safe and acceptable conservative tradition, they are not rebels with a cause against authority, no, they are Christian martyrs aligned with a higher Justice and truth. Few students could have the moral courage to defy a despotic regime like the nazi and put their lives at risk! Paperbackpages.

It is only through knowledge of history that we know the Scholl’s won and, as Sophie Scholl said to the judge before her death “Soon you will be standing where I now stand. It concludes with their brave, An excellent account of the idealistic student movement that attempted to end the atrocities of Nazi Germany.

I believe our country is experiencing a government undergoing a shift towards fascism, with unprecedented power being concentrated in the executive branch. And yet… I think the significance of what they did was not trivial. I’ve read quite about about The White Rose and the role of Hans and Sophie Scholl in the group’s activities, so I thought I’d read what is probably the first account written about this resistance group.

What I, as a biased reader, want to know is why the author of this book, Inge Aicheer-Scholl, sister to the two white Rose Scholls was not involved with them in resistance work, but that’s not what she wants to tell us, nor does she tell us how she reacted to their execution, nor does she really give insight into why these particular two youngsters were active in a resistance leafleting campaign, yet I feel that her siblings, in death, became central to her life.

There are several books about the Scholls and their friends, but I chose this one to start as it was written by their sister, Inge, and I felt it would be a good personal introduction. In fact, they were rather bourgeois and traditionalist, being particularly upset about the loss of the aristocratic youth of Poland.