These mites (Demodex canis) thrive only on their specific hosts (dogs). The transmission of these mites from mother to pup is normal. But some dogs develop an overgrowth of these mites, a condition called demodicosis, or demodectic mange. WHAT YOU MAY NOTE. Signs of demodicosis can. Abstract. Demodicosis is a common canine ectoparasitosis. Recognising the clinical presentation, identifying the parasite and choosing the most appropriate.

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Recent results suggest that the isoxazolines afoxolaner and fluralanergiven orally, are effective in treating dogs with generalised demodicosis. The general health of patients diagnosed with generalized demodicosis should be evaluated and managed before miticidal therapy is instituted. It is applied weekly or biweekly, doggs several weeks, until no mites can odgs detected by skin scrapings. Out of hours emergency: Cancel Case Report Assignment Are you sure you wish to cancel your assignment to report on this case — all inputted data will be lost!


Acetate tape impression with squeezing has recently found to be a more sensitive method to identify mites. The licensed treatments for demodicosis in the UK include a dip solution called Aludex and a spot-on product called Advocate. This indicates that the owner is being compliant and the therapy is working.

After the first treatment, patients may experience lethargy and sedation for 24 to 48 hours. As the parasites damage the hair follicles, secondary bacterial infections are very common and affected dogs can develop discharging lumps within the skin Figure 3. Pododemodicosis is especially difficult to cure and carries a poor prognosis. The treatment used for demodicosis depends on the age of the animal and the severity of the disease. Reducing stress and providing adequate nutrition can also improve success in managing demodicosis.


Patients with localized demodicosis may not need to be treated. It is thought that the juvenile-onset generalized form develops as a result of an inherited immune dysfunction; therefore, owners of patients with this form of disease should be advised that their dogs should not be bred.

Treatment can fail, and some patients may need some type of therapy for the rest of their lives. Fatty-acid supplementation may also have a possible benefit.

This disease in humans is usually caused by Demodex folliculorum not inn same species affecting dogs and is usually called demodicosis which may demodicosie a rosacea -like appearance. The severity of clinical signs e. Trichography may be used to search for adult mites attached to the hair shaft.

Many cases resolve spontaneously with little or no treatment, though in some dogs it progresses to the generalized form. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Demodectic mange in dogs. Some of these drugs, such as Ivermectin and Milbemycin, are used for demodicosis ib other countries. The client’s ability and willingness to administer a therapy should be discussed when choosing a therapy, as should financial considerations. The inability to identify and dogd the underlying cause may decrease the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Diseases from arthropods and ectoparasitics B85—B89— Demodectic mange with secondary infection is treated with antibiotics and medicated shampoos. For the vast majority of dogs, these mites never cause a problem. Submit Case Report Do you wish to submit this report? Our dermatology service is led by a recognised, accredited Specialist and we aim to provide the best possible care and treatment for your pet in our state-of-the art hospital.

Adverse effects of avermectins and milbemycins are rare and include mydriasis, hypersalivation, lethargy, ataxia, seizure, coma, and death. Demodectic mange is transmitted from host to host through direct contact. Views Read Edit View history.

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These cases should be closely monitored if no treatment is given. The mite Demodex canis is an ectoparasite and a normal inhabitant of canine hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin. These dogs were not followed up demodicossis discontinuation of therapy. Treatment using the products discussed below is considered off-label.

This defect may or may not resolve as the puppy ages. A punch biopsy may be needed if skin-scraping results are negative and the index of suspicion for demodicosis is high. As with the localised form, lesions often dogss around the head, face and feet, but often spread to involve large areas of the body surface. Walking Dandruff In Cats. After treatment begins, patients should be checked every 4 to 6 weeks until two consecutive negative skin-scraping results are obtained.

Overview Demodex are parasitic mites that cause a skin condition called demodicosis. Retrieved from ” https: Patients often appear clinically normal after 1 to 2 months of therapy, but it is vital that owners do not stop the treatment because mites may still be present and a relapse is likely without the full treatment.

Typically, patients complain of eyestrain.

Canine Demodicosis

Advocate spot-on is generally used for milder cases and is usually used monthly. Demodex cati causes follicular mange, similar to that seen in dogs, though it is much less common. This article needs additional citations for verification. If an underlying cause cannot be determined at diagnosis, monitoring should continue throughout treatment. Ivermectin Ivomec injection for cattle ni swine, Merial is a common first-choice treatment of many dermatologists 2,3,5 ni it is easy to administer and reasonably priced.