Dale Pendell (April 14, – 13 January ) was an American poet, ethnobotanist, and novelist. Writing in an evocative style all his own, he fused science. In Pharmako/Poeia, Dale Pendell offers a mesmerizing guide to psychoactive plants, from their pharmacological roots to the literary offshoots. “This is a book,”. Dale Pendell Has Written Two Books on Botanical Pharmacopeia That Resonate With a Lusty Wit. He May Be America’s Answer to Blake.

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Moreover, the Australian Aborigines appar- ently did not use the other two species, so there is some confusion in the genus, chemically and perhaps taxonomically. A poetic look into the nature of psychoactive plants. Temper is important here. He presents it in a fashion both visually entertaining and mentally stimulating, his prose acting as poetry. Few authors can balance the poetic against the historical and practical like he does.

And who will take advantage of us? We speak of a sulphurous ground state and a mercurial ground state.

All accounts agree that pituri was widely traded among the Aborigines. Some plants like to lap up to you, doglike. Louis Lewin s seminal book Phantastica divided mind-altering plants into five eatego- ries: The Great Work is healing. And the triad is Hegelian in the sense that salt feeds back into sulphur. They don’t want some dumbshit, they want you.

But alchemists working with metals can wander off as endlessly into involuted spirals as any vege- talista, as history attests.


Nausea and vomiting are followed by tremors, convul- sions, and catatonia. Or on the Kabbalah.

Once it’s fed and watered, it tells you that you can leave your place among the rocks, that you can arise from your mossy boulders and enter the world of hu- mankind, but you seldom do.

Some say that for the lunar master, solar medicine is unimportant. S function in man. Its effects are said to be similar to those of nicotine.

Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft

To put the conclusion crudely — the stujfofthe world is mind-stuff. Pendell playfully says, “Only plants had consciousness. Physics is the intersection of a formal set, mathe- matics, with a wild set, natural phenomena. He is the god of revelry and intoxication. Beneath “species,” he lists chemical compounds.


The very origins of the alchemical tradition he in syncretism: Chance can be simulated, but it is not clear that chance exists in formal systems: And some lucky people do pndell bad stuff.

I’m of course speaking vulgarly here. Also, many insects seem to be peendell of the seedlings, and one slug can consume scores of them in a single night.

Sometimes animals in the spirit world drink too much at one of the tobacco pools and get transported into this world.

Dale Pendell

Just drying the leaves results in a sur- prisingly mild-tasting smoke not neeessarily mild in potency! If you still want to! That is where the cya- nide is the strongest. As they find their way back to the cabin, the mantis tells the boy stories.


Nicotine’s parasympathetic stimulation of the smooth muscles of the digestive tract are well known. She’ll call you up and invite you over. While it is true that in traditional shamanic cultures tobacco is used ritually rather than recreationally, that does not mean that it is used infrequently. Plant Powers, Poisons and Herbcraft. Don’t you think that telling the world about your ally is a little like telling your wife about an dake

Full text of “Militia and Survival Big Books Collection”

What more can one want? He and his wife Laura currently reside in California. They say that tobacco smoke, like the smoke from burning flesh, attracts the wrong spirits, that tobacco grows where menstrual blood drops.

I remember thinking how if that one mushroom were carelessly dropped into a collecting pendelo along with the other mushrooms, the stew would contain enough poison to take away not only the collector, but his family and any guest at his table as well. So why not just tell it hke it is? The cyanide content seems to depend on the amount of photosynthesis associ- ated with a specific area of bark, the greener areas being much higher in cyanide than the reddish or brown areas.