Given below is the full text of the judgement sentencing Dr Binayak Sen for life. It is a translation from the Hindi. The translation has been done. Binayak Sen is an Indian paediatrician, public health specialist and activist. He is the national .. Against this judgement, Binayak again applied for bail on 6 January An eight-member delegation of the European Union were present at. Sanhati Statement on the Binayak Sen Judgement. We are deeply anguished by the convictions and sentences of Dr. Binayak Sen, Piyush Guha, and Narayan.

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Sen was awarded the R. In JulySen’s bail was rejected by the Chhattisgarh High Court after Police claimed that they had got incriminating evidences against Binayk Sen from his hard disc belonging to him. Arguments from both the sides were considered.

Binayak Sen

He knew Amita Shrivastav because in she used to teach in his school. The prosecution showed this witness a photo of accused Vinayak Sen in which he had a bonayak, Exhibit Pand a photo of Narayan Sanyal, Exhibit Pand he recognised both correctly.

Binayak Sen who is present in the court today as the accused. Since this witness was deposing under Main Exination, and since the document presented were relevant to his statement and for the resolution of the case, the objection was overruled.

On behalf of juddgement company, he gave the Enrolment Form and call details for mobile number to the police on their request. Vinayak Sen while being held in Raipur prison. Dr Sen is a paediatrician who has worked with tribals in Chhattisgarh. Later, on appointment of B. Not applicable Accused Pijush Guha is not held guilty under Sec. During the hearing, the statements of witnesses examined by the prosecution were read line by line by learned counsel for the accused and these statements were claimed to be contradicting each jdgement and they [the counsel] argued at length that the accused be exonerated.


Binayak Sen will run concurrently. This witness has stated on record that he also knew them by name.

Binayak Sen gets life term

SeditionCriminal Conspiracy. They charged him with several offences, including sedition. From then Amita Shrivastav and Narayan Sanyal lived in that house for 6 to 7 months and in Januarywhen he went to collect the rent, the neighbour informed him that Andhra Pradesh police raided the house and arrested Narayan Sanyal and that Amita Shrivastav was absconding.

He further said that seized CDs, cassettes, and documents were taken away by police in an open paper bag. The Parents Circle-Families Forum The police confiscated bank documents on Having been posted to these districts, he can tell about Salwa Judum.

The court denied bail to him during the subsequent hearing.

Local markets were made binayxk shut down, and means of transport bonayak down. In his judgement, the words Judge BP Verma used to explain how Sen had committed sedition were these translated from Hindi: A report to this effect, shown as Exhibit P and bearing his signature was sent by Superintendent of Police Giridih to Superintendent of Police Raipur.

This was not challenged by counsel for the accused. Gautam Juddgement of Nadi Ghati Morcha, a non-profit based in Chhattisgarh said the verdict will not dampen the spirit of the human rights activists. He said further that Chhuria police station is adjacent to Maharashtra and Naxalites were active in the area.

However, the said facts were corroborated by witness Niranjan Singh PW 17 in his testimony, and the seized applications of Exhibits P binayk and P 31, seized as per seizure memo Exhibit P 47, and applications of exhibit P 27 to Exhibit P 45, seized as per seizure memo of Exhibit P 26, from Narayan Sanyal, are described as being seized by the police in his presence.


About three-and-a-half years later, a Chhattisgarh Sessions Court found Sen guilty. On the basis of the above investigation, the prosecution has failed to prove the allegation of crimes against Pijush Guha, Narayan Sanyal and Dr. The hotel owner and manager, in whose hotels the police alleged that the two had meet, told the court that they had never Sen neither had anyone come to meet Guha.

Binayak Sen gets life term

judement It also has an article about opposing the barbaric atrocities committed by Salwa Judum on the Maoists of Chhattisgarh. The Superintendent of Police, Raipur, had asked for information concerning phone numbers,binyaak, which was given vide Exhibit P This witness testified that he had signed as the officer in the column 11 in the register P 49 for entry numbers 24, 28, 30, 65, 68 and 71 and 73, 75, 76, 79 80 and According to prosecution, accused Narayan Sanyal gave these letters to accused Binayak Sen during his visits to be given to accused Piyush Guha for taking them to Kolkata.

Vinayak Sen cannot be given the benefit of above argument. The accused did not challenge these facts in the cross hinayak and these facts are also supported by B S Jagrit PW. Activists in India are arrested all the time on such charges, which give bianyak, arbitrary powers to police.

The witness further said that during his tenure, Narayan Sanyal used to get things from outside the jail by submitting applications. The Judge, however, accepted the testimony of witness Anil Singh, a passer-by. The crime committed by the accused is of a serious nature.

When she went on leave she applied to him.