Theravada Bhikkhu Pāṭimokkha. Buddhist monks Patimokkha pali chanting in the Buddhist church on Uposatha Day, recorded from Wat Khung Taphao, Uttaradit Province, Thailand. Problems playing this file? See media help. In Theravada Buddhism, the Patimokkha is the basic code of monastic discipline, consisting of. Here you will the list of the rules of conduct that all the bhikkhus are supposed to Not to recite together with laymen, texts of dhamma in Pali language. A fault committed by a bhikkhu is called an æpatti in Pali. . Note: the numbering of the patimokkha rules doesn’t correspond at all with the chronology in which.

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These are the proper occasions here. Not to ask for a robe to be woven bigger and of better quality than the one that the donor had planned to give. No ce patinissajjeyya, ayam bhikkhi bhikkhuni yavatatiyakam dhammam apanna nissaraniyam sanghadisesam [15] Tassayeva kho pana bhikkhuniya bhikkhuniyo honti anuvattika vaggavadika eka va dve va tisso va, ta evam vadeyyum: No ce patinissajjeyya, ayam pi parajika hoti, asamvasa ukkhittanuvattika.

Tatthayyayo pucchami, kaccittha parisuddha? Buddham paccakkhami, 34 dhammam paccakkhami, sangham paccakkhami, sikkham paccakkhami, kin nu ma va samaniyo ya samaniyo sakyadhitaro, santanna pi samaniyo lajjino kukkuccika sikkhakama, tasaham santike brahmacariyam carissami ti. Also in next rule 58 CS: Retrieved September 17, Not hhikkhu look at someone else’s bowl with jealousy. Tasma saramanaya bhikkhuniya apannaya visuddhapekkhaya santi apatti 8 avikatabba.

Pakkamatayya imamha avasa, alan te idha vasena ti.

Tassa te ayye alabha tassa te dulladdham yam tvam patimokkhe uddissamane na sadhukam att: Bbhikkhu to teach the dhamma to someone wearing a turban unless he is ill.


Not to teach the dhamma to someone who is sitting while one is standing unless he is ill. The CS edition also includes rule headings for each rule, which likewise are a recent Burmese addition and not recited.

To speak only in a low voice when going to inhabited areas.

contents of the page

Not to go to eat at another place after having already been invited somewhere. Not to make or have made a “bandage robe” of more than 4. Not to make or have made a needle box in ivory, bone or horn.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. In case a bhikkhu arriving at a family residence is presented with cakes or cooked grain-meal, he may accept two or three bowlfuls if he so desires. Nidanuddeso 11 [Parajikuddeso ] 12 Tatrime 13 attha parajika dhamma uddesam agacchanti.

Not to make or have made a robe of more than 10 metres by 6. Sampajanamusavado kho panayyayo antarayiko dhammo vutto bhagavata. Not to eat several times food being incorrectly asked for. Perera, Bhiksupratimoksaya saha Bhiksunlpratimoksaya, Brandiyawatta, When a bhikkhu is making a new bed or bench, it is to have legs at most eight fingerbreadths long, using Sugata fingerbreadths, not counting the lower edge of the frame. Not to accept a floor carpet that is, for more than half of it, made with black sheep wool and a quarter in white wool.

Carittavaggo terasamo [] Ya pana bhikkhuni agilana visibbanapekha jotim samadaheyya va samadahapeyya va annatra tatharupapaccaya, pacittiyam.

Vinaya Pitaka, Bhikkhu Patimokkha

The four parajikas defeats are rules entailing expulsion from the sangha for life. Maintain the attention on the bhhikkhu when going to collect food.

Like the parajikas, the sanghadisesas can only come about through the monk’s own intention and cannot be accidentally invoked. Chandaparisuddhi-utukkhanam, bhikkhuniganana 2 ca ovado Uposathassa etani, pubbakiccan patomokkha vuccati.


Not to swing the body when sitting in inhabited areas. Do not misrepresent the Blessed One, for it is not good to misrepresent the Blessed One. Should any bhikkhu chew or consume staple or non-staple food at the wrong time, it is to be confessed.

Take care to adopt a palk attitude when eating. Nisinnapubbam imaya bhikkhuniya dvattikkhattum patimokkhe uddissamane kho pana vado bhiyyo ti na ca tassa bhikkhuniya annanakena mutti atthi yanca tattha apattim apanna tanca yathadhammo karetabbo uttarim cassa moho aropetabbo: Also in next two rules. And if a novice should say the following: When a bhikkhu is having a large dwelling built, he may supervise two or three layers of facing to plaster the area around the window frame and reinforce the area around the latimokkha frame the width of the door opening, while standing where there are no crops to speak of.


Not to spend the night under the same roof as the laity. Garayham ayye dhammam apajjim asappayam patidesaniyam, tarn patidesemi ti. Evan ca sa bhikkhuni bhikkhunihi vuccamana tatheva pagganheyya, sa bhikkhuni bhikkhunihi yavatatiyam samanubhasitabba tassa patinissaggaya. Not to eat the food offered by donors whom one has not previously warned of an existing danger in the area. Ta bhikkhuniyo bhikkhunihi evam assu vacaniya: