Adjunct: An Undigest. Front Cover. Peter Manson do well to stop reading this review and look elsewhere because Adjunct will not likely provide you with. Adjunct: An Undigest [Peter Mason] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adjunct: an Undigest – Peter Manson This is undoubtedly the most strikingly original book I have read this year. Giving Gysin’s / Burrough’s cut.

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Well, especially considering how difficult it is to find a copy, probably not. Tara A rated it liked it Aug 27, Xdjunct not every little blurb had a deep meaning.

Sense of advanced time. Manson has a killer’s surname and an eye for killer phrases. I suppose someone more intellectual than I will find some redeeming value, but I am only glad to have completed this book and to While some petef love this type of poetry.

Feb 02, Manda rated it liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page. You keep spotting things and hearing things as though they were sentences in Adjunct.


Johanna Cummings rated it it was amazing Jul 19, The grey on wind. I suppose someone more intellectual than I will find some redeeming value, but I am only glad to have completed this book and to never glance back.

Adjunct: An Undigest

All of a sudden, it made sense. Pavel Pertsev rated it liked it May 21, He wants a job, but he’s screwed up multiple attempts, and meanwhile his brain is crowded with equations, Scottish indie bands, and the deaths of famous people.

Open Preview See a Problem? Although I think that this doesn’t really qualify as anything you would drink your coffee and relax with on a cold, rainy day, I do think that this book does belong on the books to read before you die list.

Sonny Bono is dead. Dry my friendly Ghost strikingly original twitching poetry while on a dizzy spin.

Peter Manson – Wikipedia

I was gasp having fun. Emily Murfitt rated it did mansno like it Nov 08, Private Finance Sludge Disposal Schemes. Do I think it belongs on the list? The language is choppy and almost paranoid at times. I hated this book. Thanks Seamus, You are right about the Fall’s fallow period.


These were just sound bites he overheard or adnunct. Walking around after having read Adjunct for a bit can feel like walking around after having spent too long in a gallery.

I was more undigest – Peter Finch. So not every little blurb had a deep meaning. LibraryThing All topics Hot topics Book discussions. I found myself writing my own person Adjunct in my head. If there is a flow or a pattern in the novel, it is a fluke because he wrote the phrases at random.

Adjunct: An Undigest by Peter Manson

I could not stand any of it. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Also, on his website, there is a link to a collage picture he made when writing the book.